Welcome to Aquatic Leak Detection in Alamo, CA, do you have a pool or spa water leak?

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Aquatic Leak Detection

ALD LEAK PROFESSIONALS is ready to serve your Residential and Commercial 
Swimming Pool Leak Detection and Swimming Pool Repair needs! 

Leak Detection Process

 A swimming pool leak detection is broken into 2 processes:

  1. Pressurization of pipes.
  2. Dye testing of the structure (the swimming pool itself).

We use state-of-the-art, noninvasive equipment to locate leaks in the plumbing lines and/or at the equipment, and use a specially formulated dye to locate leaks at the structure. 


For underwater tests that can't be reached from the surface, we have special equipment for diving.  

We dive all-year round!

Swimming Pool & Spa Repairs

Do you have a water leak?

Aquatic Leak Detection in Alamo, CA offers Swimming Pool and Spa Leak Detection and repair in Walnut Creek, Alamo, San Ramon, Dublin, Livermore, Lafayette, Moraga, Orinda, Pleasant Hill, Martinez, Pittsburg, Antioch, Discovery Bay, Oakley and Brentwood. 

ALD also offers weekly swimming pool maintenance service for commercial and residential properties.

Epoxy Repairs

These can be done without draining the pool and are relatively inexpensive.  These include repairs to:

small cracks in the pool shell.

light conduits.

skimmer throats.


drain buckets.

Vinyl Patches on Vinyl Liners

These can be done without draining the pool and are relatively inexpensive.   

Plumbing Repairs

These can be done without draining the pool.  Some repairs can be made the same day as a leak detection; others require a full-day to complete. 

 Drain Cover Replacements

These can be done without draining the pool and are relatively inexpensive.   Learn about the 

Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act and the 

requirements for VGB-compliant drain covers. 

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Answers to the following questions can help us diagnose your swimming pool leak... How long has your pool been leaking? How much water does your pool lose in a 24-hour period? Does your pool lose more water when the pump is running? Does the water in your pool “level off” at some point?

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